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Mobility and Migration

Voluntary Aid and Development Organisation (VADO) works to provide mobility support through encouraging safe, regular, and orderly migration for volunteers; with the aim to foster cross-border service experiences and learning, promote inclusive volunteerism and practices, and international solidarity - targeted towards addressing humanitarian needs, and facilitating the exchange of skills and knowledge sharing.

Our volunteer mobility and migration support services offers assistance and resources to individuals who are planning, or intend travelling to new locations in order to participate in international volunteer activities. We therefore make these transitions as smooth as possible for volunteers by collaborating with non-profits, social enterprises, for-profits with social missions, and international agencies who their services are primarily delivered based on volunteer efforts.  

VADO organizes Migration Workshop for International Volunteering (M-WIV) which is designed to provide guidance and information sessions on country-based visa permits, regarding non-immigrant volunteering opportunities, policies and practices. The M-WIV also ensures that volunteers have the necessary knowledge and skill-set to contribute effectively as volunteers in their new environment.

In so doing, VADO works to identify and facilitate clear legal frameworks and policies that enable volunteers to migrate safely and legally. Which includes visa categories or special permits designed for volunteers; simplification of visa application and approval processes; and providing strategic advocacy measures towards reducing systemic barriers that can hinder mobility of volunteers.

By implementing these strategies and creating a supportive environment for volunteers seeking international engagements; governments and organizations can maximize the positive impact of volunteer efforts on humanitarian initiatives and global development.

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