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Over 1 billion people volunteer worldwide
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Opening Civic Spaces through Voluntary Action

Volunteers play crucial role in our society. They have made a substantial contribution to the social and economic advancement of our country by providing support for communities and organizations in need.
Unfortunately, the absence of a system to calculate or measure the input of volunteer work or services to our national GDP has severely limited volunteer activities and engagement efforts. As a result, volunteers’ contributions are rarely valued, acknowledged, or even recompensed.
Meanwhile, the United Nations General Assembly has passed a resolution in 2001 calling on governments to “establish the economic value of volunteering” with the assistance of civil society.
With this in mind, Voluntary Aid and Development Organisation (VADO) is implementing a voucher program for volunteers, with relevant labour stakeholders to ensure that every act of volunteering counts, through a time-crediting technology – the Labour Voucher (LV).

Introducing the

(A Time-Credit for Voluntary Work)

Labour Voucher (LV) is a digital application initiative of Voluntary Aid and Development Organisation (VADO).
It is a social service innovation that is designed to measure the time and economic value of voluntary work, and as well create incentives for citizens who provide volunteer services in different workplaces, communities and civic spaces.
Our work in promoting a volunteer-driven social economy, ensures that people who are offering selfless services or engaged with any form of voluntary work in Nigeria, can earn Time Credits as part of a reward and recognition scheme for the invaluable work they do within their host communities and workplaces.
These Time Credits come with a corresponding voucher value that can be redeemed for a range of products, services and activities provided through our Voucher Exchange Market.


The Voucher Exchange Market (VEM) is an online/onsite marketplace where volunteers can use the voucher value of their time-credits to redeem various offers from our social market partners.
Our VEM platform is a social marketing practice that is implemented to create voluntary exchange between a commercial brand and members of a target market, i.e (Volunteer service providers / Workers) based on mutual fulfillment of self-interest.
The commercial brand uses its resources to understand the perceived interests of target market members, to enhance and deliver the package of benefits associated with a product, service, or idea, and to reduce barriers that interfere with its adoption or sustainability.
However, these package of benefits can come as doles, raffle draws, discounts / bonanza sales, improved or incentivized services, product promotions and service bonuses, or as a business goodwill or program designed to demonstrate social responsibility.
Volunteers / target market members, in turn, expend their resources i.e (voucher) in exchange for the offer or opportunity they receive, which provides clear advantages over other existing or alternative market practices.
Success of social marketing as a business development strategy distinguishes commercial brands as socially responsible businesses, by scaling their impact and reach, as they contribute to the growth of the social economy through the voluntary sector. 
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