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Constituency Resourcing

Constituency Resourcing is central to VADO’s commitment and approach in mobilizing volunteer action for poverty eradication, active youth engagement, effective resource utilization and inclusive legislative support for locals. Constituency Resourcing strategically targets the identification and harnessing of assets, services, emerging ventures, manpower and local expertise to foster economic growth and community empowerment through legislative mandates.

Voluntary Aid and Development Organisation (VADO) recognizes the need to help constituencies thrive economically by deploying our digital CONRA tool to conduct surveys and assessments that are citizens-driven. This assessment tool can help elected representatives, community-based organisations, government agencies, and local leaders make informed decisions about resource governance, allocation, development, and sustainability.

CONRA administration leverages on survey information sourced from the constituents to identify the most prevalent community risks, gaps, vulnerabilities and conditions that call for change, and what community resources are available to resolve and manage these needs. In application, VADO carries out technical analysis of these collated information into a working data to ensure that identified resources are best mobilized to target the most significant needs.

The use of VADO’s civic-tech tool (CONRA) to identify, harness and channel local resources to solve local problems, is fostering and facilitating public private partnerships, information sharing and opening spaces for civic engagement and empowerment; by connecting people to people, people to ideas, people to valuable information – essential to viable referrals, resource procurement, service delivery, project planning and cooperative problem solving efforts.  

With this benchmark, implementing the Constituency Needs and Resources Assessment (CONRA) program, proposes the need for constituencies and local communities to objectively determine what is already working, and where constituents and representatives can best collaborate to assist in delivering these resources and services to address the needs of the people.

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