Join the Cause

Join The Cause

Voluntary Aid’ is excited to have you share in our innovative programs, which will further enable you participate in our mission of assisting Volunteers in reaching out to more citizens, people in governments, communities, and civil societies in need of specific services and support.

As the organization’s most valuable resource, volunteers come from far and wide to assist with need-based social services and interventions within and beyond Nigeria. As our volunteer base expands, so does the number of our social service recipients we assist increase. With this welcomed growth also comes an increasing need for funds to cover operational expenses, such as volunteer meals, transportation, lodging and out-of-pocket expenses from program facilitation.

To ensure a safe and financial future that allows VADO to carry out its mission sustainably; we appeal and hope you assist us in broadening our donor based support through a program called “Sponsor-A-Volunteer”. By making a donation through writing a check made out to Voluntary Aid and Development Organisation (VADO) in contribution to the important work that Volunteers do.

The donations will be applied to the overall expenses associated with volunteering. However, any amount that can help offset volunteer costs is valuable. Sponsor-A-Volunteer donations help us offset volunteer costs so to enable us mobilize more volunteers. By sponsoring a volunteer, you are helping VADO provide more social services through Volunteers. Thank you for your esteemed support. 

How to Support Our Cause

Help Locally

VADO welcomes the input and commitment from all our prospective supporters and partners. Your support and involvement is crucial in achieving our goals, and creating what we imagine it to be. If you are interested in joining our efforts towards championing our citizen-state interventions and initiatives, through the voluntary sector. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Any degree of commitment and any kind of support is instrumental to achieving our vision.

Help Socially

The easiest way to support our efforts is by spreading the word about volunteerism and various programmes we have initiated that are not limited to promoting the labour economy, market economy, mobility and migration, and constituency resourcing. Share our work on your social networks, with your colleagues, organisations, friends and families. By spreading the word you can help us reach more concerned people who may also want to help us to realize our social change projects. Please go to our social media sites and “friend” or “follow” us. We look forward to connecting with you!

Help Personally

If you are interested in getting involved with Voluntary Aid’ as a volunteer, partner or service recipient; please contact us at:

Help Financially

VADO is run entirely by passionate volunteers who dedicate their free time to this important cause. As a non-profit organization – the success of programmes, interventions and campaign efforts greatly depends on donations. If you think that our approach is worth supporting, we would appreciate any financial contribution that will support and strengthen our efforts in our yearly work plans. You can make a donation via bank transfer.

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank Plc.

Account Name: Voluntary Aid and Development Organization.

Account Number: 0124848420

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