Our Mission: Food, Education, Medicine

Youth Mainstreaming

The 1.8 billion young people in the world today are a crucial resource for innovative social change towards a more equal and sustainable world. Our youth mainstreaming priorities centers on Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship and Service Innovation; where strategic efforts are being made to foster youth-led initiatives and opportunities, that can help accelerate implementation and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Youth mainstreaming is our strategic tool and approach for effective youth development. It seeks to create institutionalized spaces for engaging young people as integral part of development processes and practices; where there distinct needs, abilities and prospects are reflected or incorporated into and within all development sectors.

  • Leadership

We focus our youth mainstreaming programs by inspiring youth activeness and responsiveness in community organizing, social responsibility, participatory policy making, and democratic processes – through advocacy, capacity building, partnerships, and with the use of digital technologies.   

  • Social Entrepreneurship

This refers to the practice of combining innovation, resourcefulness and opportunity to address critical social and environmental challenges. In application, we engage and train young people on how to identify social problems and applying business acumen to resolve them. With this entrepreneurial mindset and commitment to social issues, young social entrepreneurs identify the root cause of these challenges and tackle them with innovative and practical solutions. When this happens, systems change.

  • Service Innovation

As a service-based organization, we are concerned in promoting ‘Service’ as a tool for supporting government establishments, organizations and businesses to deliver socially responsible products and services to consumers through youth ideas and innovations. Service Innovation is a form of conceptual design that involves the activity of identifying special citizen needs and vulnerable populations, by planning and organizing people, information, resources, environment and delivery process of a service or product in order to improve its quality, impact, scale-up and build linkages between the service provider and its customers or target recipients.

Our youth mainstreaming programs are focused on these three drivers, where we basically apply them in transforming systems and practices that form the root causes of poverty.