Our Mission: Food, Education, Medicine

Who We Are

Voluntary Aid and Development Organisation (VADO) is a civic-driven, service-based Non-Governmental Organisation; established to facilitate citizen-state linkages, support and services through need-based initiatives, aimed to drive social change, enhance public services and resourcefully improve lives.

As a civic-driven organization that is bent on strengthening citizens action in the co-creation, co-delivery and co-utilization of public services, practices and policies; we work to build synergies with relevant stakeholders and partners using voluntary operational standards to leverage on local expertise and resources towards opening civic spaces in communities and public institutions.

We therefore, drive our citizen-state interventions by inspiring volunteering through civic service, civic engagement and civic empowerment. 

While focusing on the following program areas:

  • Volunteerism
  • Youth Mainstreaming
  • Democracy and Digital Governance
  • Consumer Rights, Services and Protection