Our Mission: Food, Education, Medicine


The word Volunteerism has played a significant role in socio-economic development of developing countries and even governments of developed nations rely on the support of volunteers and the voluntary sectors in achieving their objectives and initiatives.

“Volunteerism is a human opportunity and a social asset for development”. (Mr. Ban Ki Moon, UN Former Sec-Gen). However, when young people are engaged to volunteer in well-organized systems and formal arrangements, they enjoy a feeling of recognition, social responsibility, leadership and respect that has been placed on them to serve. Thereby, empowering them to make life-changing opportunities out of it.

Seemingly, the unwillingness of most public and private establishments to integrate volunteerism into the management of their organizational systems, has resulted from insecurity about volunteer skills and experiences, cultural/environmental obstacles and controversial perceptions of volunteer roles and positions.

These problems has persisted till date owing to the lack of strategically driven institutional policies, limiting open and direct volunteer engagement services. However, creating operational policies and supportive volunteer programs that are designed to achieve zero-restrictions to youth access to volunteer, work and practice in systems that drive their passion will contribute hugely in addressing these problems.

Our Organization’s experience and expertise in coordinating and developing locally-driven volunteering programs in the recent years, has significantly helped us to build organizational capacity in volunteer management and engagement needs of our partner organizations and service recipient communities.  Which covers – Volunteer program planning, mobilization, training, implementation, motivation, monitoring and evaluation.

We have also initiated the Volunteer Service Exchange and Learning (VSEL) Program to assist corporate organizations in bootstrapping, by leveraging on the support of volunteers; and as well enable volunteers acquire work-based training through service-learning, job shadowing and social entrepreneurial experiences.