Programme Overview

Voluntary Aid Africa (VAA) is a Non Profit- and Non Governmental Organisation (NPO/NGO) registered under the Registrar General’s Department, and governed by the company’s code of Ghana ACT 179 1963. We recruit and work with international volunteers, students and interns from all over the world to bring development to the underprivileged and rural communities in Northern Ghana.

Typically volunteers and interns engage in our programme for between 2 to 8 weeks. Most of our projects are locally initiated grassroots ventures within the fields of literacy education, teaching, capacity building, construction and renovation, agriculture, health, and childcare. Some projects are managed internally within our organisation, whereas others are carried out in close and estabished partnership with other development organization in the region. If you have an interest in a field that is not listed in the programme overview below, let us know and we will see if it’s possible to arrange a position through any of our local contacts or partner NGO’s.

Programme Scope


  • Adolescent Reproduction Education (Guidance and Counselling services to adolescent youth).
  • Auxiliary nursing service in community hospitals.
  • Midwifery and childcare education to inexperienced mothers.

Child Care and support:    

  • Community Nursery School Project.
  • Orphanage.


  • Teaching English, Mathematic, Creative Arts and/or Science.
  • Sponsorship for brilliant but needy children’s education.
  • Support children with slow learning abilities.
  • Support children with mental handicaps to education (special school project).

Community development:    

  • Raise funds to support the initiative of local initiated projects.
  • Capacity building training.
  • Infrastructural project (building construction or renovation projects).
  • Farming and agricultural projects.
  • Research (as part of an academic graduate degree for example).

Getting started

1. Application:

Read all the information on the website, look up a departure that would fit you, and fill in the online application form to let us know a little about you and your interest.

2. Assessments and Briefing:

When we receive your application we will arrange a telephone or Skype interview with one of our local team members to brief you. The interview is your chance to find out if our programme is really for you, and for us to see if you are suitable. If you are offered a place as a volunteer or intern we will ask for a reference, a medical reference and a police check.

3. Training and Support:

Once you have been accepted on the programme you will receive advice and support from our staff and volunteer coordinator throughout your preparations. You’ll also receive the Voluntary Aid manual, which is built up and based on over ten years’ of volunteer and internship experience. It includes advices, ideas and examples of how to do press releases, events etc. and many more valuable tools to make your stay as easy and fun as possible. In addition you’ll learn many valuable transferable skills.

The local staff and volunteer coordinator will support you during your preparations. In addition, we can put you in contact with a returned volunteer (in your home country) who can answer any questions you may have. The VAA staffs have many years of experience of supporting volunteers, students, and interns. Training and support are done over internet and telephone to keep our operating costs to a minimum.

4. Cost:

Applicants can make payment in instalment, however payment must be fully made one month prior to departure. For a detailed breakdown of where the money goes please check the costs page of our website.

You’ll need to raise the money for your flight, insurance and kit. You’ll be expected to organise these yourself, working within parameters provided by VAA the amount that you will need to budget will depend on where you are travelling from and if you want to continue traveling around after your stay with us are completed.

5. Flights to and from Ghana:

You are responsible for arranging your own flights, visas and insurance but with help from Voluntary Aid Africa. On arrival at Kotoka International Airport in Accra, Ghana, a staff member from VAA will pick you up at the airport and bring you to the hotel. The staff member will also give you one-day orientation and introduction to Accra/Ghana.

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