We raise the majority of funds for our development projects through the fees that our programme participants pay. You are thus expected to pay the full fee as we rely on the money raised by volunteers and interns to be able to continue our projects.

Programme participants arrive in Ghana once in the beginning of every month. You will be picked up by a staff member or associates at the airport where your introduction begins. Below you can see how the costs are arranged for the programmes.

    • Program fee: 4 weeks or less is 470 euros, 8 weeks is 570 euros, and any additional week cost 10 euros/week.
    • Host family fee: 100 euros/month. Please note that the host family fees are not paid to host families at the direct exchange rate from the banks.

Included in the programme fee:

The programme fee is divided into three parts, where 65% goes to the program-participants costs during the introduction days. Another 20% goes directly into our development projects Funds (you can read about the development projects here on our webpage). The final 15% will be spent on administrative costs. The programme fee includes:

  • Coaching and preparation in your home country by respective country coordinator.
  • Pick up from the airport in Accra by a staff member or associates.
  • Three nights in a guesthouse in Accra.
  • Two days of introduction and orientation in Accra (including all the transportation costs, entry fees for museum or beach, and one evening supper). Places of visit during the introduction:
    • Markets (the art market and Makola market)
    • The beach
    • The National Museum
    • Independence Square
  • Transportation to Tamale by STC bus.
  • Three days of orientation in Tamale consisting of:
    • A visit to Voluntary Aid’s office in Tamale
    • Cultural lessons in the office
    • Introduction in the local language (Dagbanli)
    • Introduction to your work place/ or research contacts
    • Visits to local communities in the surroundings of Tamale
  • Overall coaching by staff members throughout your stay.
  • 24 hours availability of staff in case of emergency.
  • A regular “catch-up meeting” with the staff and other volunteers/interns every two weeks.

Included in the host family fee:

Staying with a host family is a great way of learning to know the culture and daily life of people in northern Ghana better. As a volunteer or intern you will stay in the home of a local family, but will be appropriated your “own space”. The host family chosen have standard homes with electricity and running water, but note that such amenities are not always available due to temporary blackouts or shortages for example. The host family fees includes: 

  • Your own bedroom.
  • Breakfast and supper (daily).
  • Administrative cost 10%.


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