Volunteers in Ghana.

Volunteers in Ghana.

Applicants are welcome to participate in our volunteer and internship programmes based on his/her interests and qualifications. We are currently associated to projects, organisations and agencies active in the fields of literacy education, teaching, capacity building, construction and renovation, agriculture, health and childcare. If you have an interest in a field that is not listed in the programme overview below, let us know and we will see if it’s possible to arrange a position through any of our contacts or partner NGO’s.

For the internship programme we prefer to see that you have some years of experience within your field, or that you are in the end of your training. For the volunteer programme everyone is welcome to apply. As a student it is also possible to participate in our programme as part of your thesis work – perhaps as a field study to gather data and material for your graduation or research project. Read more about this opportunity in the section research/fieldwork below.


Programme Overview

Voluntary Aid Africa (VAA) is a Non Profit- and Non Governmental Organisation (NPO/NGO) registered under the Registrar General’s Department, and governed by the company’s code of Ghana ACT 179 1963. We recruit and work with international volunteers, students and interns from all over the world to bring development to the underprivileged and rural communities in Northern Ghana. Typically … Continue reading Programme Overview

Research /Fieldwork

For many higher level, post-secondary, tertiary or third level education programmes thesis work is an integral part of the training. If you are planning to carry out your graduation project within any of the fields that we are operating – participating in our volunteer/internship programme is a great way to establish relevant research contacts, find a good translator/guide, or get … Continue reading Research /Fieldwork


We raise the majority of funds for our development projects through the fees that our programme participants pay. You are thus expected to pay the full fee as we rely on the money raised by volunteers and interns to be able to continue our projects. Programme participants arrive in Ghana once in the beginning of every month. You will be picked … Continue reading Costs

Application Form

Fill out all the required fields and describe for us what you are mainly interested in. We will come back to you as soon as possible to discuss how your stay with us can be the most beneficial and valuable for everyone. Best regards, The VAA staff team  

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