Travel to Ghana

Traveling to Ghana is really an experience you will bear with you for ever. The people of Ghana are known to be happy, friendly and welcoming, and many of our previous interns and volunteers are coming back on a regular basis to visit their Ghanian families again. In addition Ghana has a rich historical and cultural heritage that include everything from terrible violations of human rights through slavery, to colourful and joyful drumming-dancing practises.

Voluntary Aid Africa - Internship and volunteer work in Northern Ghana

Country Information

Ghana is an English speaking country located in West Africa neighboured by Togo in the East, Burkina Faso in the North and Côte d’Ivoire in the West. There are more than 100 different ethno-lingustic groups in Ghana, but Akan, Mossi-Dagomba and Ewe are the largest ones, constituting  about 78% of the total population. Voluntary Aid Africa’s head office … Continue reading Country Information

Visa and vaccination

“All visitors entering Ghana must possess a valid passport and valid visa/permit, except nationals of ECOWAS member states and other countries with which the Government of Ghana has specific bilateral agreements.” For Scandinavian citizens visas are requested through the Ghanian Embassy in Denmark. German residents can apply at the Ghanian Embassy in Berlin. Application guidelines for American … Continue reading Visa and vaccination

What to pack

“Loose, cool clothing is recommended year-round. Most visitors will find that a long-sleeve shirt or light sweater is sufficient in the coolest times. Dress is conservative in Ghana and long pants are generally worn. Shorts are acceptable only if they are at least knee length. Revealing clothing or items with suggestive slogans are considered inappropriate. Ghana’s … Continue reading What to pack