Development Projects

Voluntary Aid Africa (VAA) is engaged in several development projects in the fields of literacy education, teaching, capacity building, construction and renovation, agriculture, health and childcare. Some of our projects are carried out as joint efforts together with local partner organisations in the region, whereas others are initiated on our own behalf. We gladly invite international students, volunteers and interns to join us in or work. Please read more about our ongoing projects in the sections below. If you are interested in starting up your own project let us know and we can have a discussion about how to go about!


Student Sponsorship

Would you like to sponsor a Ghanian student? Ghana has many brilliant students, but raising funds for putting your child through education is a tuff challenge for many Ghanian families. Even though the primary levels of education are free for all children there are substantial costs associated with buying uniforms, books and other kinds of study material. … Continue reading Student Sponsorship

In-house administration

We are a newly established organisation and our local staff possess solid experience and excellent skills – but sometimes time is short. We are always interested to get in contact with participants who could manage certain internal administration tasks on a voluntary basis. Either through online volunteering or as an on-site internship placement. Perhaps you possess particular … Continue reading In-house administration