Our Mission: Food, Education, Medicine

Civic Engagement

Voluntary Aid’ implements a framework of civic engagement by building new constituencies of stakeholders, focus group alliances and professional networks, towards mobilizing and strengthening their advocacy spaces to dialogue with, demand from, contribute to, and engage with the government.

Under representation of citizens-led groups in the government have caused significant issues faced by such groups; and also, posing challenges that affect the outcome and sustainability of government programs, projects and policies. It is against this backdrop that we facilitate measures through strategic plans to ensure that citizens, with focus on young people and women, are meaningfully involved in institutionalized political processes, economic opportunities and community organizing; which is essential to building civic resilience and opening spaces for their inclusion and participation in the polity.

Our work in leading fresh perspectives and innovative ideas on civic engagement is progressively serving as an impetus for dialogue and action; and objectively building a basis for policy discussions around youth and women engagement in civic affairs.

In order to ensure that citizens are able to participate fully and effectively in all aspects of the societies in which they live, we take leverage on digital innovations as effective means to strengthen open dialogue, amplify citizen voices, demonstrate fiscal transparency, promote electronic voting and making the civic space accessible and open for citizens to find the services and information they need to thrive.