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Career Aid for Students

Many students in senior secondary schools and most young school leavers in Nigeria today, remain uncertain about what to select as a career or vocation, thereby making them unaware of opportunities that match their abilities. Young people appear to be at a loss when it comes to making career path finding decisions, and are mostly misguided by their parents, peers, and other external influences from media, family, culture, religion and the society; adding to the insignificant presence of proper career guidance programmes in our schools and colleges.

Everyone that is unaware of what career development is are at risk – they are at risk of an unfulfilled career, an unbalanced life, they are at risk of never realizing they can lead themselves into their own future. This is a process that is gradual and dynamic, a process that impacts every level of a community and country as a whole.

Preparing young people for the future and world of work requires pro-active approaches that will create spaces for personal and professional growth, through services and activities designed to assist individuals, of any age and at any point throughout their lives, to make educational, training and occupational choices that would help them build and excel in their chosen career pathways.

We have therefore, developed bespoke career development services ranging from but not limited to;

  • Personal career assessment and guidance,
  • Career orientation workshops,
  • Career referral services,
  • Career optimization programs, and
  • Job role certifications.

Career development impacts the economic and social well-being of the country and its citizens. It shapes individuals, families and communities. It drives education, work and life, and generally enhances productivity and innovation. 

In VADO Career Services, we deliver our job in secondary schools, universities and colleges, training institutions, recruitment firms, public employment services, workplaces, voluntary or community sector and the private sector; by providing linkage and learning resources, designed to assist young people to realize their full career potentials and help them make informed decisions in academics and vocation, using our computer-based career assessment software brand named CareerChecker.